SOMETHING FOR NOTHING : Spicy Veggie & Pineapple Kebabs

If you're planning a barbie, there's nothing better than these delicious spicy, tangy vegetable kebabs to accompany your grilled meats, fish or veggie options!
We can all stick a few vegetables on a skewer and bung them on the coals, but if you think about the combinations of ingredients you put together and the way you season them, you can turn an ordinary kebab into

These are 0pp/approx.100kcal each


You Will Need : (amount is up to you)
I usually make 2 kebabs per person

Bamboo skewers

Red onions
Red peppers
Fresh pineapple
Frylight/Olive oil
Dried Italian herbs
Piri Piri Seasoning


Soak the bamboo skewers in water for a few minutes. This stops them burning on the hot coals.

 Cut all the veggies and the fruit into chunky pieces and thread onto the skewers. Keeping the pieces large means that the outside chars effectively but you will still have succulent, tasty result.

Spray with Frylight or olive oil 
(You will have to charge 1pp/40kcal per teaspoon if you use olive oil)
Dust generously with dried herbs and piri piri seasoning. The spice in the hot seasoning works really well with the pineapple, producing a salsa zing to the kebabs.

Grill on the hot coals until blackened on the edges.

Serve with your favourite barbecue accompaniments-this is half fat halloumi cheese in a burger bun with salad.
(I cut the halloumi into 2pp slices)

Don't forget the mock 'potato' salad!
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Obviously, if you don't have a barbie or the weather is rubbish, you can pop these under the grill or in a griddle pan on the hob.


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