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CUPBOARD LOVE : Little Pots of Treaty Toppings

Alongside their lovely new range of ice cream cones I showed you last week, (click HERE for link), Tesco have just launched a cute range of sweet, treaty toppings to sprinkle on your icecreams and desserts.
How did they know I was launching my Slicecream Parlour? Great timing!


There are loads of different varieties; jelly beans, mini marshmallows, sprinkles etc. At 99p per small pot they are quite expensive, so I bought my 3 favourites to show you here. They come in lovely sturdy little pots, so you could keep them and refill them easily with cheaper options, such as cut up WeightWatchers brownies or crushed meringue. I like the fact that the pots are small because we are less likely to be overly generous with the contents!

So, the first one I picked was some chocolate honeycomb.
(Like tiny pieces of crunchy).

5g which is a teaspoonful, works out to 1pp/approx.22kcal. There are 59g in the pot, so that's around 12 servings.

Then I selected these brownie chunks. They're like tiny little dried out pieces of brownie.

 5g is 1pp/approx.22kcal but I couldn't even get a teaspoonful to register on the scales, so a small amount like this would be 0pp. There are also about 12 teaspoon portions in the 24g pot.

My last choice were these dinky little meringue drops. They are perfectly formed teeny little pearly meringues-so cute! Extravagant, but you could pop 3 on the top of an ice cream as a decorative garnish. 

These also work out to 1pp/approx.25kcal for 5g, however for 3 meringues, or a 3g teaspoonful as shown, it's 0pp. You get around 60 little meringues in the pot, so thats approx.10-12 servings.


Toppings Galore!


Anonymous 16 May 2013 at 12:02

Hi Janey,
Just came accross your blog via the WW online community boards. I have only had a short amount of time to browse and I love it already! Will be spending a good few hours over the weekend checking out all your recipes and blogs - can't wait. I plan to post a link to your blog on the WW site as it is fab and I think everyone following WW should read it.
Look forward to reading future blogs :0 x

Janey 16 May 2013 at 12:06

Thanks so much fifi-welcome aboard! Come and join the slice-of-slim facebook page too! Loads going on there xx

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