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CUPBOARD LOVE : Flavoured Highlights Hot Chocolate

Cadbury Highlights is one of my favourite brands of low-fat drinking chocolate.
They now do large containers of their caramel and hazelnut varieties.

This is great timing for the Slicecream Parlour as any of these flavours would be very yummy added to the banana 'ice-cream' base. (Click here for link)


As well as a hot drink, they also make wonderful milkshakes for the Summer. For 1pp/40kcal this is a great alternative to a High Street coffee shop shake too and is far more economical in monetary and propoint terms!
Great for a Smash & Grab chocolate fix moment as they are quite filling.

Literally pop 11g of chocolate powder into the base of a glass. Mix with a small amount of hot water to dissolve. Add crushed ice, top up with cold water and stir well.
(No need to add any milk as the product already contains skimmed milk powder).


Fantastically frothy! 


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