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Like most households, ours is filled with people with different tastes, food fads and propoint/calorie allowances! In order to make my life easy, I've found simple ways to cater for all our tastes with the minimum amount of extra work. This post isn't a recipe as such, but a quick idea to show you how easily you can transform a basic dish into various hearty, low fat meals while appealing to everybody.

I often have a zero pp soup made up for those days when I need to keep my daily allowance under control, or if I've over indulged. However, a simple vegetable stock like this one has loads of possibilities and can be transformed into various delicious meals too.
(Click HERE for the basic recipe).

The other day, my husband had been out for lunch, so he needed to keep his propoint intake as low as possible for supper.
He had a bowl of the soup which was 0pp.
I had some propoints left from my daily allowance though, so I chargrilled a seasoned chicken breast for myself. I popped it into the base of my soup bowl with a drizzle of hot chilli sauce before ladling the stock on top.

It transformed my meal into a delicious option with very little extra work and only an additional 4pp.
My kids (one of whom is vegetarian!) had a packet of Straight-to-wok noodles in each of theirs.
Instantly, there were three different options to a meal with the same basic foundation.
Sometimes the 'one size fits all' approach just doesn't work, so this is a great way around the issue!



You could use chargrilled steak, salmon, a handful of prawns (regular or vegetarian), tofu, rice, pasta, meatballs....the list is endless. Have fun, experiment and remember to calculate and track the propoints/calories for any ingredient you choose to add.


Propoint Permutations.


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