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CUPBOARD LOVE : WeightWatchers Breakfast Biscuits

I've been given a bit of a heads up on a new product arriving in the shops very soon. As we all know, it's so important to start the day with some breakfast- to get our metabolism going and start burning fat off!
Many of us are time-short in the morning, so it's very easy to neglect that breakfast moment our bodies crave. Even if you're not one for a big brekkie, these WeightWatchers Breakfast Biscuits are great because you can pop them in your bag to eat on your journey to work, or even have them for Elevenses.


As you know, I will only review products I would use myself and these really appeal to me. I buy the normal WeightWatchers cookies all the time, because I love the fact that they come in individual portions of 2. They satisfy my sweet tooth while helping me to control my urges to repeatedly dip into an open packet of biscuits.

Even though these breakfast biscuits are double the propoints of the standard WeightWatchers cookies, I've taken this photo to show you a comparison. They are a really generous size. I found them quite filling, especially with a cup of tea. The texture is very much like a digestive biscuit.

They are 4pp/158kcal for 2 biscuits


 Breakfast Biscuits are made with wheat and oats with added Vitamin B and iron. They have no artificial colour, flavour or preservatives. They come in 2 varieties; Fruit and Seeds...

...and Milk and Honey which were my favourite. When I was younger, I spent 2 summers working as an au-pair in Italy. They often serve simple honey biscuits with coffee for breakfast in Italy and the flavour of these took me back there. I loved them.

Of course, if you do have a couple of minutes spare, you could always spread them with 35g Lightest Philadelphia for an extra 1pp/35kcal. I added some sliced banana and it made a quick, delicious and filling breakfast.
They would be fab with a low fat yoghurt too.

For a decadent treat, they're lovely dunked into 30g warm chocolate philly for an extra 2pp/86kcal. (What isn't?)


You get 6 portions of two biscuits in each pack. The RRP is £2.49, so 42p for breakfast isn't bad going! Look out for them in Sainsburys and other independent stores.


Now you have an excuse to eat biscuits for breakfast!


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