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RECIPE : Salmon, Prawn & Cucumber Rolls

These beautiful sushi-style rolls were recently featured in the March issue of WeightWatchers (UK) magazine for my Vintage Tea for Mother's Day article.

They also make a gorgeous, refreshing starter or nibble to have with drinks.
Ribbons of cucumber are layered together to make a flat sheet which is then filled with  smoked salmon, cream cheese and prawns. Rolled up and tied, then sliced into 3 sections, this is a feast for the eyes, so delicious and pretty.

Each portion (3 pieces) is 2pp/approx.100kcal


You Will Need : (Per serving)

1 Cucumber
20g Smoked Salmon

I use these square sandwich slices.

20g Cooked, Peeled Prawns
35g Philadelphia Extra Light
Fresh Dill
Lemon Zest 


Take a section of cucumber. Cut the ends off to ensure a neat finish.

Using a julienne peeler, cut strips of peel. You will need 3 per serving.

Using a vegetable peeler, slice 6-8 thin ribbons of cucumber. Overlap to form a rectangular sheet. Make sure you have the dark green skin on the ribbon edges as this adds to the finished effect.

Gently lay one sheet of smoked salmon onto the cucumber.

Spread with the cream cheese. Lay the prawns in a line down the centre.

Add the dill and lemon zest.

Carefully, roll the cucumber to enclose the filling.

Using the strips of peel, tie in 3 places.

Cut into 3 sections and arrange on a pretty serving plate.


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