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RECIPE : Easter Eggypops!

Some of you may remember my Popcorn Pops from a few months ago...well, with Easter coming up, I thought I'd do a rice krispie egg-shaped version!
Easter eggs are delicious but so high in propoints/calories and can be quite costly, especially if you have a few to buy.

My Eggypops still give you a great bite with a chocolate hit and come in 2 sizes -
A large, 5pp/approx.200kcal one
and a
small, 3pp/approx.120kcal one.

They are made of tightly compacted rice krispies, bound together with molten marshmallow and drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles before being adorned with a cute Easter chick!
They are really easy to make and low cost.
They make great gifts.


You Will Need: (per Eggypop)

For the Large Eggypop

30g rice krispies
3 sugar free marshmallows
10g chocolate
1/2 teaspoon sugar sprinkles
1 decorative chick
1 decorative straw, lollipop stick or skewer

For the Small Eggypop

15g rice krispies
2 sugar free marshmallows
8g chocolate
1/2 teaspoon sugar sprinkles
1 decorative chick
1 decorative straw, lollipop stick or skewer


Weigh out the rice krispies.
(Make each eggypop individually).
I used this own brand range. This 440g bag (enough for 14 large eggs or 29 small ones!) cost 77p.

Add the marshmallows to the bowl and microwave for 20 seconds.

Work quickly but carefully as the marshmallows are molten hot at first. Bring the rice krispies together with the marshmallow, a bit like making pastry, scooping and squeezing the mixture together. Insert a lollipop stick and continue to squeeze the mixture tightly into a ball around it. Soon you will find that it comes together and you can form it into an egg shape. Make sure that the rice krispies are tightly compacted together so they won't fall apart when you bite into the eggypop.

Once you have a pleasing shape, weigh and melt the chocolate.

Using a spoon, drizzle the eggypop with the melted chocolate. You should be able to virtually coat the small version.

There's enough chocolate to generously drizzle over the top third of the larger version. While still wet, scatter with sugar sprinkles and press a decorative chick into the chocolate.

 You could add a decorative paper case. You just need to fold it in half and make a quick snip with some scissors so that you can thread it onto the stick.
Place carefully in the fridge to set thoroughly.

Once set, you can pop them into cellophane bags and tie with rustic string for a gorgeous, low fat alternative to a traditional chocolate Easter egg.





If making these with young children please take extreme care initially as the marshmallows are very hot for a few seconds. Once the mixture has come together and started to cool, this is an ideal family activity!



Using the same recipe, you could make cereal bars any time of the year. This one has some raisins inside and a tiny strip of chocolate to hold the freeze-dried fruit topping. You could add dried fruits and nuts to your personal preference. Just remember to adjust pp's/calories accordingly.



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