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RECIPE : Egg & Sausage Breakfast Bagel

This is my version of a famous high street breakfast...although theirs is 12pp/approx.500kcal and mine is only 7pp/approx.300kcal!


This is a yummy, filling breakfast with all the flavours and textures you are looking for- a crisp, toasted bagel houses a chargrilled sausage burger and the perfect 'sunny-side-down' fried egg. With a splodge of ketchup or brown sauce, you can't go wrong.


You Will Need : (Per serving)

1/2 a WeightWatchers Bagel

2 WeightWatchers Sausages
(Or 3pp/120kcal equivalent)

1 medium Egg
1/2 teaspoon Ketchup/Brown Sauce


Remove the skins from the sausages and place in a bowl.

Mash together with a fork and form into a flat burger/patty shape.

Pop into a hot griddle pan which has been misted with Frylight Oil. Cook for 5 minutes each side. Don't be tempted to flip too early, as the outer shell will stick to the pan unless it has formed a crisp, chargrilled outside.

As soon as the sausage has been flipped over, prepare the rest of the dish.

Carefully, slice the bagel in half. Then slice each half into 2 slices. I find this a great way of saving 2pp/approx.80kcal per serving, as you just need the bread to be a 'carrier' for the filling. As long as the finished dish has a top and a bottom, your brain will be satisfied that it looks right, and you won't even notice!
You can leave the bagel squidgy or toast it, depending on your preference.

Fry the eggs quickly in a little fry light Oil.

Flip them over and turn the heat off to set the yolk slightly while you toast the bagel. 

To assemble, pop a slice of bagel onto your serving dish.

Top with the chargrilled sausage burger.

Add the fried egg and a half teaspoon of ketchup or brown sauce.

Top with the rounded side of the bagel.

Tuck in and enjoy an authentic, low-fat version of your guilty pleasure!



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