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PANCAKE DAY! : A Collection of Recipes for You

Happy Pancake Day to you all!
Here are links to all my Pancake Recipes so you have inspiration at your fingertips.


Pancake Pie
(Click HERE for recipe)

This post includes my
basic pancake batter recipe
and simple step-by-step instructions, so is useful for any pancakes you may wish to make. It also contains propoints/calories for multiple quantities, as they build up! 


Lacy Pancakes with
Parma Ham-Wrapped Griddled Fruits
(Click HERE for recipe)


Egg White & Almond Milk Pancakes
(Click HERE for recipe)


Banana, Marshmallow & Cinnamon Pancakes with White Chocolate Drizzle
(Click HERE for recipe)


You can use any of these recipes to build your own fantastic combinations...savoury, sweet, thin, thick, stacked, rolled, folded, filled. Experiment with adding ingredients and flavours.
Don't forget to make pancakes all year round- they're too good for only one day of the year!
Most of all, have fun but remember to calculate and track what you've eaten!


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