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CUPBOARD LOVE : Freeze-Dried Fruits

I found these in the baking section in Waitrose the other day and thought I'd try them. They're quite a speciality food and at £2 a tube to be used sparingly, but I thought they looked so attractive I'd give them a whirl.
You can have up to 5g for 0pp/15kcal. They barely register on the kitchen scales as they have no volume to them, so 5g would be plenty to sprinkle over 4 desserts. They have a concentrated tangy flavour - a gorgeous strong version of whichever fruit you are trying. 

The strawberry is quite sour, zingy and does a little dance on your tongue...

...The mango is vibrant, much sweeter.


I've had a quick look and you can also buy a similar product on Amazon.
With Easter coming up, I've devised a really cute idea which use these freeze-dried fruits, so I thought I'd give you some advance warning so you can have them at the ready. I feel that if we are going for low-fat options, we still need a little treat thrown in and these make a gorgeous contribution to my Easter idea.
Don't worry if they don't appeal to you, or you can't get hold of any, the idea will still work well without them.


Fabulously Fruity Fripperies!


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