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SMASH & GRAB : Romantic Chocolatey Crumpet

Here is a really simple but effective idea, a lovely one for Valentine's Day.
If you want to treat yourself or somebody else to a seemingly decadent chocolate 'fix', you can do it for 4pp/approx.160kcal!
This literally takes 5 minutes to make but looks and tastes amazing.

Take a crumpet and cut a small heart shape out of the centre using a cookie cutter.
(The crumpet I used was 2pp, please check your brand as they do vary).

Take the little heart-shaped piece out and slice into 2 halves. They will have a beautiful lacy texture.

Toast on both sides in a small frying pan misted with a little Frylight oil.

Toast the remaining crumpet in the toaster.

Pop it on a serving plate.

Heat a pot of chocolate Philadelphia for 15 seconds in the microwave. This makes it warm, runny and much easier to work with.

Fill the heart shape carefully with the chocolate Philly.

Dust the little toasted hearts with sifted icing sugar.

Cut a strawberry into slices.

Trim into heart shapes.

Arrange on the plate.
Dust with a tiny amount of sifted icing sugar. You could put the little crumpet hearts over the chocolate for a 'surprise' element....

...or angle them into the chocolate for 'dunking'.

Serve with a tiny spoon for eating, spreading and generally devouring!


Crisp, Melty, Gooey, Fruity!


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