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RECIPE : Cheaty Baked Jacket Potatoes

O.K. I know you don't need to be shown how to make a jacket potato....but if, like me, you are often time-short and you love them baked in the oven, here's my cheaty method!


Pop the oven on as soon as you walk in the door. (190-200 degrees centigrade).

Weigh your jacket potatoes and work out the propoints from their raw weight.
(I find it much easier this way)

Prick once with a fork and microwave for 5 minutes on high. The potato will be cooked unless it's a huge one!

Mist with a few sprays of Frylight oil and pop into the hot oven for 20 minutes.

This will produce a crisp, golden outside with a fab fluffy inside and takes 1/3 of the time of a fully baked potato.


Just for interest, the above meal
breaks down to;

1 medium potato 3pp
1 tin Sainsburys "Be Good to Yourself"
Tuna and Sweetcorn 2pp
1 sachet butter buds 0pp
1 individual portion Cathedral City Cheddar grated on top 1pp
Thrown together with a fab salad dressed with a little Balsamic vinegar 0pp

 That's 6pp for a delicious, quick, warm, filling meal.


This just hits the spot.


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