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RECIPE : Celebration Strawberry Mini Roll Stacks

It's a common misconception that people following a weight-loss/maintenance plan have to miss out on treats...We absolutely do not!


There are so many ways to recreate the foods we crave in a modified way. With a little forethought and imagination, we can still enjoy ourselves, experiencing indulgence without that awful sinking feeling that we have undone all our good work.
I adore chocolate, so, for me a treat usually incorporates it in some form. These were an invention of mine for a birthday a few days ago, and they went down a storm!

These work out to:

Compared to a regular cupcake, which can be anything from 5-10pp each (or more!), this is a great alternative.


You Will Need : (For 4 treats)

2 WeightWatchers Mini Rolls
(Chocolate or Jaffa variety)
4 Strawberries
12g Plain Chocolate
1 Teaspoon Sugar Sprinkles


4 Cupcake Cases
Decorations of your choice


Cut the mini rolls in half and place each piece in a cupcake wrapper.

Cut the top off the strawberries so that they have a flat base to sit on.

Melt the chocolate and put a small blob on the top of the mini roll.

Coat the top of the strawberry in melted chocolate and dip carefully into the sprinkles. Working quite quickly, press the flat side of the strawberry into the blob of melted chocolate so that it attaches to the top of the mini roll. This acts like very effective 'glue'. If the strawberries are cold, it will set quickly.

Repeat until all are completed.

Pop decorative flags in to secure and embellish the stacks.
I added a few mini smarties into the cases as a little extra indulgence.
(You would have to add the pp/calories if you do mini box is 2pp/80kcal but you could share these between all 4 treats, making the stacks 2pp for one and 4pp for two).

Finish with your chosen decoration. 'Glue' it on using any remaining chocolate, holding it in place until the chocolate sets.

These little champagne bottles are actually candles...they were from the cake decorating department in Tescos. They make really effective embellishments and, of course, can be lit for the occasion!

You could decorate with appropriate age candles too.


Celebrate Good Times!



WeightWatchers Belgian Chocolate Slices are a great alternative for the base. Cut them in half in exactly the same way as the mini rolls.


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