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SOMETHING FOR NOTHING : Dragon Fruit Salad with Rose & Mint

After all the heavy eating at this grey time of year, I thought it would be great to introduce some healthy tropical sunshine in the guise of a dessert.
This simple but completely stunning fruit  salad only takes a few minutes to make.


Simply mix raspberries, strawberries and green grapes with a couple of teaspoons of rose essence and some torn fresh mint leaves. The rose gives a perfumed hint to the soft fruits while the mint refreshes and cleanses the palate.

 Although a little bland in flavour, dragon fruit is visually exquisite and turns an ordinary dish into a designer dessert.
Cut the fruit into sections, leaving the skin on, then loosen the flesh with a knife, leaving it attached at one end. Arrange the slices around the dish.

Finally, top with a sprig of fresh mint and some pomegranate seeds for a bejewelled finish.




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