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SMASH & GRAB : Not Pot Noodle!

My son bought a Pot Noodle the other day and made it for lunch. Whereas these days I would probably turn my nose up at his choice, I have to admit that in my youth, it was one of my guilty pleasures!
It did get me thinking...
Those of you rushing around or taking sandwiches to work for lunch might just fancy a change in the form of a nutritious, filling, low-fat, portable, instant hot soup that takes 2 minutes to prepare!
All you need is access to a kettle when you want to eat it.

A Pot Noodle is around 13sp/10pp/400kcal.
My version is 5sp/5pp/approx.180kcal and includes fresh ingredients!


For fun, I used the existing Pot Noodle container. If you are taking this as a portable lunch, it would be preferable to have a lidded container suitable for boiled water, otherwise a large mug is great. You will also need a small plastic, lidded container. I bought a set of 8 of these tiny ones from Poundland.



Into your little container...

...add 1 teaspoon Low Salt Soy sauce...

...half a low salt stock cube, crumbled.

No need to mix it.

With scissors, snip 2 Spring onions into the same box...

...and a few julienned strips of carrot, coiled gently into the top. 

Pack the larger container with 1 packet of Straight-to-Wok Rice noodles.
(At 5sp/4pp/162kcal, these are the lowest in sp/pp's. They are also the finest, so will heat through quickly). If you use a different variety, please check the sp/pp/calories as they all vary.
Add the little box, full of all the magic seasonings and vegetables.
This is easily portable. The large container houses all the ingredients. You could even make this the night before you need it if you are rushing out in the morning.

When you're ready to eat it, simply tip the seasoning ingredients into the large container.
Boil the kettle.

Add a little freshly boiled water and stir thoroughly to dissolve the stock cube.

Add the noodles and cover with hot water.

Mix well and allow to stand for a couple of minutes. This will allow the noodles to heat through and absorb the flavours. The vegetables will soften, losing their raw crunchiness but retain a lovely fresh bite.

Tuck in!


Unknown 2 December 2012 at 00:05

That looks great! Will try it! Thanks!

Unknown 2 December 2012 at 09:24

That looks great! I'm always looking for packed lunch ideas that don't involve salad, so this will make a nice change!

Janey 2 December 2012 at 23:25

Great stuff! Easy peasy and tasty! x

Callies Cottage 20 February 2013 at 12:51

Genius!!Noodles will be on my shopping list this month...Thank you...x

Janey 20 February 2013 at 12:54

Hee hee! Glad you like this one Callie-I am prone to some bonkers ideas! z

Unknown 7 September 2013 at 22:09

love this idea but don't like noodle. any way of doing something similar with a substitute to the noodles do you think? not sure what would keep well enough to take to work

Janey 7 September 2013 at 23:07

How funny you should post this now Hayley! If you are in the uk, try and get the latest issue of Weightwatchers magazine (October) as I do a cous cous version in my slice -of -slim feature on p65! X

Janey 7 September 2013 at 23:07

How funny you should post this now Hayley! If you are in the uk, try and get the latest issue of Weightwatchers magazine (October) as I do a cous cous version in my slice -of -slim feature on p65! X

Unknown 8 September 2013 at 17:18

i know. i was all busy raving about your website on my meetings page, to find you were in there. haha. only been doing it 4 weeks so I didn't realise. I don't do cous cous either :( anything pasta, or pasta like gives me the heeby jeebies. wondering if beansprouts may work as a substitute?! If I put some cooked chicken with it as well it should fill me up I think.

Janey 8 September 2013 at 17:22

Haha! I'd be careful with heating beansprouts and cooked chicken Hayley-if you are only heating it up with a boiled kettle away from home. It's very easy to get food poisoning if you don't heat them thoroughly. You could definitely do it as a stir-fry at home...I'll have a think for you! xx

Unknown 8 September 2013 at 17:30

meant I would eat the chicken separate but maybe not then I didn't realise that about beansprouts :( x

Janey 8 September 2013 at 17:36

I know-I only found out recently that it's not advisable to eat them cold as I suggest in my coleslaw recipe-a nutritionist wrote to me and told me! xx Glad you are enjoying the blog! Hope we can find a yummy alternative for you non this one as it's nice to have a warm lunch in the colder months xx

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