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RECIPE : Apple Rose & Vanilla Custard Tarts

These beautiful little apple custard tarts, inspired by Christmas roses, are simple to make and extremely low in propoints/calories.
You can have; 
Up to 3 of these for 1pp/approx.60kcal
Up to 5 for 2pp/approx.100kcal
Up to 7 for 3pp/approx.140kcal
Up to 10 for 5pp/Approx.200kcal

Delightful served as part of a selection of desserts, or with a cup of tea, these are sure to wow your guests without sabotaging your weight loss or maintenance efforts.
Crisp pastry houses my delicate vanilla and rose-infused white custard, topped with a cinnamon-dusted sweet apple rose. The red roses are chewy and firm whilst the white ones are soft and delicate.
It's a little piece of Heaven on a plate!


YOU WILL NEED: (Recipe makes 10 tarts)

1 16g sheet Filo Pastry

(I used this brand as they come in smaller sheets than JusRol filo. You can use half a large sheet. Please check propoints if you are using a different brand. This brand is 1pp per sheet).

5 Red Apples
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
150ml skimmed milk /unsweetened soya milk
1 tablespoon Artificial Granular Sweetener
1 tablespoon Cornflour
1 teaspoon Rose essence
1 teaspoon vanilla essence/fresh vanilla pod
Frylight Oil
Kaffir or Basil Leaves
Tiny Dusting of Icing Sugar


How To Make the Apple Roses

Start by peeling the apples using a vegetable peeler. Make the lengths of peel as long as possible.

Take one end of the peel and coil it tightly to form a 'rose'.

Pop each rose into a tiny tart mould to hold its shape.

Repeat until you have made a few.

Dust with a little cinnamon and artificial sweetener and bake for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees centigrade.
The roses made from the peel will have a more chewy/toffee texture and will take longer to bake than the ones made from purely apple flesh, so give the red ones a 10 minute head start in the oven.

Repeat the process with the white apple flesh. Sprinkle with sweetener and cinnamon before popping in the oven for 10 minutes.

 Don't cook the white ones for too long as they will go mushy and won't retain their shape.
Remove from the oven and set to one side.

Any remaining apple can be stored in an airtight food bag and used for a strudel filling,(click HERE for recipe), or in a fruit salad.


How To Make The Pastry Cases

Take the sheet of filo pastry and, using scissors, cut it into 30 even squares.

Just keep popping the cut stacks on top of each other and cut through a few at a time.

Using a tiny tart mould, simply place one square of filo in each tart case. Mist with Frylight oil, then repeat twice more. Each tart should have 3 layers of pastry. Press the pastry into the tart mould to form a good shape.

Bake for 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees centigrade, until pale golden. Allow to cool.
These make wonderful little cases for savoury or sweet fillings-the variations are endless.


How To Make The Vanilla-Rose Custard

Aesthetically, I prefer the custard for these little tarts to be white rather than yellow. If you wish to use custard powder, you can- but custard powder is literally cornflour and sugar with yellow colouring....so why not try my white version for a change?

Simply place the milk, sweetener, cornflour, rose essence and vanilla into a measuring jug. Mix well then microwave on high for 1 minute.

Whisk thoroughly. Cook for another minute if required. It should be a very thick, smooth consistency.

Pop into a bowl to cool. Cover with clingfilm, making sure that it touches the surface of the custard. This will ensure that no skin forms as it cools.


Assembling The Apple Rose Tarts

When you are ready to serve the little tarts, place the filo cases onto your serving plate.

Using a measuring spoon, measure one tablespoon of cooled custard into the centre of the tart. Flatten the custard gently with the back of a teaspoon.

Pop a baked apple rose on the top to finish.

 Make up a variety of tarts using the red and the white apple roses.

Dust with a tiny sprinkling of icing sugar.
(Click HERE for post on Twist & Sprinkle).
Garnish using kaffir lime or basil leaves to add some colour and enhance the rose 'theme'.



Make extra apple roses to use as garnishes on strudels etc. Bake basil leaves at the same time to use alongside.

Use the red, crisp, peel roses to nestle on the top of an Apple Filo Pie.
(Click HERE for recipe)


You could even serve unsweetened versions of these roses with roasted meats.


Edible Roses!




Beverley 20 December 2012 at 16:11

This is such an adorable and delicious recipe...I love it and can't wait to try it out.

Thank you Janey for all of your inspiring recipes

Beverley xoxo

Janey 20 December 2012 at 16:44

Aw Beverley-and thanks to you for all you encouragement, inspiration and amazing networking skills! I fee part of a huge blogging community, all thanks to you! xx

Lakshmi @Purevegetarian 16 March 2013 at 15:43

This is an entertaining idea!

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