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HOLIDAY HOT TIPS : Christmas Day & Beyond

I'm so happy that the new guidelines in the Weight Watchers propoints plan encourage us to think about the environment we live in.
Even if we have 'cracked' tracking and weighing and do so religiously, we are continuously fighting our demons. I'm always looking for ways to help me control my urges to over-eat, particularly when there are delicious treats all around me.
Christmas can be a daunting time for a Weight Watcher. It's full of potential foody traps and temptations, but with careful planning, many of these can be overcome.

One of my tips is to work out all the propoint values for the separate components of Christmas lunch. I make a small 'menu-style' poster listing each item and stick it on the fridge a couple of days beforehand.
This acts as a visual reminder for me and anyone else who may be on the plan. Then, we can easily pick and choose how many propoints we want to allocate to our main meal, without having to do any calculations on the day.
To make serving up easier, I make pre-weighed stuffing balls and make sure I know the pp's of the roast potatoes, all the sauces and the serving size of the meat beforehand so that I can plate everything up with confidence.

Traditionally, we go for a quick walk between the main course and the dessert!

Another tip is to hand out individual plates of pre-weighed nibbles, such as these baked snacks.
(Click HERE for recipe).
I serve these with a weighed portion of dip. In this case; low-fat houmous and a tiny amount of harissa paste -all of which I pre-calculate for anyone who needs to know. Then, mindless 'dipping' and 'picking' can't take place before the meal as it's all accounted for. I've found that people seem to like having their own plate of goodies. It feels quite special, more of a treat and there's no problem with 'double-dipping'!

If you're a guest at someone else's house, you could offer to bring a dessert such as my magically low propoint strudel.
(Click HERE for recipe).

Or my 'Crafty Christmas Cake'.
(Click HERE for recipe).
Then, even if there are other tempting puddings on offer, you know you are safe with your own, propointed/calorie-controlled donation.


Rather than stressing out about the Festive period, take a few minutes to think about ways you can help yourself to stay on track. There are plenty of lovely things you CAN have to eat, even treats. My blog is full of delicious low pp/calorie ideas. Just look in the 'Christmas' category if you need inspiration.
Think about the environment around you at home and when out and about.
Try to pre-empt potential tricky situations. Be a step ahead.


This time spent planning could have huge pay-offs when you start the new year feeling happy and confident rather than bloated and defeated.
Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy your friends and family...it doesn't all have to be about eating and drinking, despite the TV and supermarkets bombarding us with this concept!


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