SOMETHING FOR NOTHING : Carrot 'Crispbread' & Tomato 'Cups'

 I had a real craving for some houmous and tuna at lunch time the other day, but I just didn't have enough propoints for crackers to spread it on. So I got my Slice-Of-Slim lateral thinking cap on and invented some wonderful 0pp 'vessels' to spread my chosen ingredients onto and into.


I love raw carrot with houmous, but sometimes I find carrot sticks quite heavy going. It suddenly dawned on me that, sliced thinly and squared off, they would be perfect crispbread size!

I did these on a mandolin but they were pretty thin. If you sliced a large carrot thinly with a sharp knife, it would work equally well and would be a little chunkier and easy to spread with your chosen toppings. I sliced the ends square so that they were the perfect crispbread shape. I love to trick my brain!

I spread the carrot 'crispbreads' with some   reduced fat houmous. A 60g pot is 3pp/130kcal.

Then topped it with a tin of Sainsburys "Be good to yourself" Tuna and Sweetcorn. These little tins are 2pp/78kcal each.

I took a handful of cherry tomatoes. Halved horizontally, it's easier to remove the seeds cleanly, which I did with a tiny spoon. I put the seeds in a ramekin to turn into a salad dressing.

I filled the tomato halves with the remaining reduced fat houmous and popped a slice of spring onion in each one.

Then I sprinkled the whole lot with Piri-Piri seasoning.

I combined the tomato seeds with the remaining spring onion and a splash of seasoned rice wine vinegar which made a delicious 0pp salad dressing.

Drizzled over the top of everything, this just brought all the flavours together and was absolutely delicious!



If you don't have many propoints/calories for your toppings, try a mini pot of extra light Philly. Maybe chop some chives into it.
You can have two Weightwatchers triangles or Laughing Cow Light for 1pp. The Blue cheese variety would be lovely in the tomato 'cups'.


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