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SMASH & GRAB : Christmas Seasoning Sprinkle

When I saw these 2 ingredients in the supermarket the other day, their vibrant colours just made me think 'Christmas'!
Their combined flavours also make an interesting and fragrant seasoning, which could be sprinkled onto a few of your chosen dishes when serving to add a splash of festive colour and flavour.

The mix has zero propoints/minimal kcal.

The first ingredient is Pink Peppercorns. As they say on the packaging, they have a fragrant, juniper/aniseed type flavour and a sweetness, rather than the traditional pepper 'kick' we are used to.


The second ingredient is Kaffir Lime Leaves. These are freeze-dried so retain their incredibly vibrant green colour. Although traditionally used in Thai curries, they have a very distinctive and familiar lime favour which really compliments the pink peppercorns.

I put both ingredients into a pestle and mortar and gently crushed them together until I had a lovely sprinkle mixture. You will find that the fine stalks from the Kaffir lime leaves work their way loose so you can discard them.

Make your seasoning as coarse or fine as you wish.

Use to sprinkle on dips, chicken, salmon, roast potatoes or any dishes of your choice over the Christmas period.
It will jazz up your dishes visually and dance on your palate.
I would even try this on vanilla ice-cream or something chocolatey!


Pretty in Pink & Green.



If you can get hold of some edible gold leaf, add some to the sprinkle mixture for an amazing sparkly and luxurious mix.
(I've just bought some on Amazon).

It's expensive, but 1/4 of a sheet is ample. Just rub it onto the crushed mix. The oil from the peppercorns will attract the gold and allow it to stick.

Sparkly Sprinkles!


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