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SMASH & GRAB : Blue Cheese & Cranberry Dipping Sauce

Here's a fabulous little dip for the Christmas season. It tastes really decadent and like it's laden with fattening ingredients but it's only 1pp/60kcal per portion! Plus it literally takes 20 seconds to make.

Just pop 2 Laughing Cow light (with Blue Cheese) triangles into a ramekin dish.
Snip 4 dried cranberries into small pieces with scissors and add to the cheese.
Microwave for 15-20 seconds. 'Loosen' with a teaspoon skimmed/soya milk.
Hey presto! A rich, creamy, fabulous dip!

Top with some of my Christmas Sprinkles (Click HERE for link) for a truely seasonal finish.



The great thing about this dip is that you can make it in individual portions, then you know exactly how much you've you can double-dip as much as you like as it's

If you like blue cheese salad dressing, just leave out the cranberries and thin the melted cheese down with little more milk for a yummy, warm version!


Skinny Dipping!


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