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RECIPE : Individual No-Bake Lasagnes

I've always loved lasagne. It was my favourite childhood dish. There's something about those layers of soft pasta piled high with alternate fillings inside...the tasty meat sauce contrasting with the creamy, cheesy one, and the bubbly, browned top.
To me, this is the ultimate comfort food; nostalgic, warming and satisfying.
My version has the addition of griddled aubergine slices to pad out the layers and make it even more filling and delicious.


Those of you who are familiar with my recipes, know that I have a real 'thing' about apportioning portions evenly. When I first started Weight Watchers, I would follow recipes and weigh ingredients religiously, only to be stumped when serving the finished dish. How was I supposed to divide everything accurately into even portions? of my delights, is to find innovative ways of preparing individual portions of my dishes, or at least, make them easy to serve up evenly. I know this may sound pedantic and trust me, I'm not a tidy or accurate person in any other aspect of my life....but, having lost my weight and kept it off, I realise that this attention to detail and being a stickler for accuracy has really paid off. The odd extra propoint or a few calories here and there WILL make a difference to your success.


My individual lasagnes work out to 10pp/approx.450kcal per portion.

However, that's only if you use my Bloggynaise recipe (Click HERE for the recipe), and my Easy Cheesy Sauce recipe (below).
I'll break down the components for you, so that if you have different propointed variants,(such as veggie bolognaise, or semi-skimmed milk), you can work your own portions out.


The trick with this recipe is to have all the components ready and hot so that you can assemble the finished dish quickly before popping under a hot grill before serving.

You will need:(For 2 servings)

Bolognaise Sauce

Two 135g portions of Bolognaise sauce.
When ever I make a batch, I freeze it in these portion sizes for recipes such as this one.
(My recipe works out to 3pp/approx.175kcal
per portion)


Fresh Lasagne Sheets

2 large squares or 4 oblong sheets
(56g per portion)
of FRESH lasagne, NOT dried.
(This works out to 4pp/approx.160kcal per portion)

 Cut the pasta into 4 even squares per portion.
Boil for 6 minutes and drain.


1 Batch Easy Cheesy Sauce

200ml skimmed milk/unsweetened soya milk
1 Tablespoon cornflour
40g Weight Watchers reduced fat cheese.

(This sauce works out to 3pp/approx.120kcal per portion)

Simply put all 3 ingredients into a measuring jug. Stir so that no cornflour is stuck on the bottom. Don't worry about any lumps at this stage. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir well. Microwave 1 more minute. Stir well.
Season with some black pepper and a little nutmeg or mace if you like.
This should produce a perfect cheese sauce.

 (You can make this on the hob- simply
stir continuously as it comes to the boil).


Griddled Aubergine

 4 slices of aubergine sprayed with Frylight oil and griddled.

4 Basil leaves
Freshly ground black pepper


How to Assemble the No-Bake Lasagnes 

So, now you have all the hot components to hand, this is how to put them all together...

Place one square of hot, cooked lasagne into each serving dish.

Add one slice of hot, griddled aubergine.

Top with 1 measured tablespoon of hot cheese sauce.

Add a basil leaf.

Pop the second square of lasagne on top.

Dollop half the portion of hot Bolognaise sauce on top.

Add the 3rd square of lasagne.

Place the second slice of aubergine on top followed by another tablespoon of cheese sauce and a basil leaf.

Add the remaining Bolognaise sauce.

Finish with the last square of lasagne, then distribute the rest of the cheesy sauce accurately between the portions, from the measuring jug. Make sure the top is covered with sauce.

Finally, pop under a hot grill for 2-4 minutes until brown and bubbly.
Top with a fresh basil leaf to serve.


 Luscious lasagne!



Try layering with wilted spinach, cooked mushrooms, griddled courgette, or any cooked veggies of your choice to add colour, flavour and extra vitamins! If you're low on propoints/calories, substitute the Bolognaise sauce for a load of roasted vegetables mixed with a little passata.




Kettlier249 7 February 2013 at 11:53

This looks gorgeous, I really miss lasagne so this is the perfect way to make it healthy!! You mushroom soup looks gorgeous too, thank you! x

Janey 7 February 2013 at 11:57

Thanks Kettlier249! No need to miss any food you love if you follow Slice-of-Slim....I can make it all happen! Mushroom soup is a firm fave! xx

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