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RECIPE : All-In-One Brekkie

This is an easy-peasy breakfast dish. It combines traditional English breakfast ingredients into a one-pan tortilla/omelette which also houses a fried egg. It's delicious and filling too.
This works out to 5sp/5pp/approx.200kcal
per portion


You Will Need :(Per Serving)

6 mushrooms
6 Cherry tomatoes
1 Spring onion
1 Weight Watchers Cumberland sausage 
2 Heck chicken sausages
1 clove garlic
Fresh Parsley
2 Medium eggs


Fry the sliced mushrooms and whole cherry tomatoes in a little Frylight Sunflower oil.

Slice the sausage into 6 chunks and add to the pan. Fry until it starts to brown. Add finely chopped garlic and sliced spring onion.

Once everything has browned and softened, make a circular space in the middle of the pan.

Gently crack the first egg into the circle.

Beat the second egg and season with black pepper. If you prefer, you could use egg white only for this part. This would reduce the total recipe by 2sp/2pp.

Carefully pour the beaten egg around the edge of the fried egg. As it cooks and sets, this will hold all the ingredients together into a tortilla-style omelette.

Pop a lid on the pan and allow to cook gently over a low heat. The steam will cook the top of the fried egg perfectly. I like the yolk runny but you cook to your personal preference.

Once the omelette has set, loosen the finished dish with a spatula so that it will slide pleasingly onto your serving plate. Scatter with chopped, fresh parsley.

Gently transfer to your serving plate.


Breakfast Onesie!




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