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HALLOWEEN!!!: Sour Apple 'Screamers'

I don't know about you, but I've always felt that the thought of a toffee apple is much more fun than the reality of eating one! They are so hard to bite into and the apple/toffee ratio weighs far too heavily on the apple for my liking!


So...I've come up with these chunky slices of crisp, green apple which have been soaked in sour lime juice before being encased in a thin coating of sweet, caramelised sugar. Somehow, these flavours just do something amazing when you put them together-they taste fragrant, like they have rose essence in them...but I can assure you it's simply apple, lime and sugar!
The way I cut them, they look like little screaming faces - cute and scary - perfect for Halloween!  
They work out to 2pp/approx.60kcal each, or 2 screamers for 3pp.


You Will Need: (For 10 'screamers')

2 Crisp, green apples, skin left on
Juice of 1 lime
150g caster sugar
1/2 cup water
10 Bamboo skewers

Using an apple corer, remove the core from each apple in one long tube shape. Slice each apple into 5 chunky slices before immersing them in lime juice.

Assuming that the main hole is a 'screaming' mouth, find a utensil to cut two eye shapes. Alternatively, cut little triangular eyes with a knife. Soak every slice well in lime juice. This will ensure no discolouration of the apple and will give each slice a fabulously tangy twang.

I will admit that caramelising sugar is tricky. It takes practice and can go wrong easily. The only tip I can give you is to add a little water to the sugar, heat gently and DO NOT STIR AT ALL!!! You can agitate the pan a little to mix the solution, but the less you do, the better.

Once the sugar solution has bubbled away for a few minutes and starts to darken to a golden colour, test the consistency by placing a small amount onto a plate.

As soon as the caramel forms a 'blob' on the plate, it's ready. Still do not be tempted to stir it as it will crystallise.

Prepare the 'screamers' by threading onto bamboo skewers. Now you will need to work quickly. Have a glass nearby (on a plate to catch the drips), to pop them into once you have coated them in the hot sugar.

Dunk each one quickly but carefully into the hot sugar, allowing any excess to fall back into the pan before standing in the glass to set. Try to make the coating as thin as possible for a brittle, clear sugar shell that will crack as you bite into the crisp, sour apple.
Repeat until all are coated.

If you like, make some holes in a tiny pumpkin to use as a holder for your sour apple screamers.

Wishing you a fabulously screaming Halloween!




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