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HALLOWEEN!! : Munchkin Pumpkin Tealight Holder

If you can't face carving an intricate pumpkin but want to get into the Halloween spirit, these tiny little 'Munchkin' Pumpkins make perfect tea light holders. I had to buy a couple for the name alone!


This is the last of my Halloween ideas and quite a fun one to make over this chilly weekend. They're really easy to make and look so adorable once lit.

Take your munchkin pumpkins. (The one at the back has holes made with a bamboo skewer to hold my Sour Apple Screamers).

Take a tealight candle and draw around it onto the pumpkin to produce a cutting template.

Using a small, sharp knife, cut out the circle keeping the knife as vertical as possible .

Pull the cut section away. Keep it to use as a lid when the candle is unlit.

Scrape out any unwanted debris, then push the tealight inside. It should fit perfectly.

Use these as a decorative feature for your dining table, windowsill or to light the way to your front door for visitors,
(Trick-or-Treater's, or not)!


Happy Halloween!



You could use a tiny little ceramic dish as your template, then use these to house Warm Chocolate Dipping Sauce.
(Put the lid on to serve).
Serve with fruit and marshmallows and a fondue fork for dipping.


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