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CUPBOARD LOVE : Quinoa with Bulgar Wheat

I used this quinoa/bulgar wheat mix in my Halloween Salad this week, but wanted to tell you a little more about it.
This particular mix came from Waitrose. I suppose I could have assembled my own mixture from mixed grains, but something about this tiny, attractive combination inspired me.

I love the fact that, because these grains are so tiny, they only take 12 minutes to cook. They absorb flavours easily, so you can add stock, soy sauce, herbs or even pesto to the cooking water to ring the changes. Grains fill you up too-a 50g uncooked weight portion (5pp) may look small but makes a meal extremely filling and may help you to stop needing a nibble later in the day.


Try substituting rice for these grains when you have chilli con carne for a change, or adding to soups or salads to bulk them out.


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