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I didn't even know I was looking for a jam funnel until I spotted this in John Lewis the other day! Obviously, it's that jam/harvest time of year, so they had a lovely display of all the necessary equipment.


Of course, I wasn't thinking 'JAM' at all....this is PERFECT for decanting thick soup (such as my magical mushroom soup we all love so much), into storage jars.

I always save passata jars for this purpose, as they are so useful for storing soup in the fridge. They take up much less space than a huge pan....and a jar of homemade soup wrapped in some cellophane, makes a lovely gift too.


I used to make such a mess decanting it though, as the necks of those jars are quite small. Even kilner-type jars can be tricky to fill-especially if you're a klutz like me.

Not any more! Because a jam funnel has this wonderfully wide opening. This is perfect for thick soup or even chunky ones such as minestrone...everything slips through easily without creating any mess. I love it! Since I became a food blogger, I'm amazed at the simple things in life that make me so happy!


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