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USEFUL STUFF : Funky Garlic Chopper

O.K. - So this is a fun gadget- by no means a kitchen essential, but I'm always on the look-out for new and interesting products that actually do what they say they do, or are fun to use, or make our lives a little easier in the kitchen.


I was always a bit of a Kinder Egg fan when I was younger - especially when the toy contained in the little 'surprise'
plastic egg had cogs and needed building.
This nifty little gadget is called
a Garlic Zoom, and reminds me of those days...although this does have very sharp blades!


If you love garlic but don't like the smell all over your fingers when preparing it...or dislike cleaning mushy garlic pulp out of a garlic press, then
this one's for you.
It's made by Chef'n' -I've reviewed a couple of their products before. I bought this in a specialized kitchen shop. It comes in this size and a larger size.
(It costs around £8.95 but is very robust and well made).


I have since checked and seen them on for around £7.90.
You can buy many of the Chef'n' products online. They are well-designed, well-made products.


It's quite hard to show in a photo because the whole unit is clear, but that way you get to see all the workings!
It's basically a hard, clear plastic 'squashed' ball-shape on wheels. The body is hinged half way across and has a little trap door in the top. Inside, it contains a rotating bar with 4 extremely sharp blades.


So you start with it upright...

...Open the little trap door on the top and pop a peeled garlic clove inside. If it's a huge clove, you may need to cut it in half.

Close the door, then literally 'zoom' the gadget backwards and forwards on the work top like a toy car! This turns the wheels and the connecting blades, which chop the garlic. It's quite hard to begin with, then it becomes much easier as the garlic breaks up. You can add another clove and repeat. Chop the cloves one at a time. I did 3 in mine and there was room for more.

You then open the gadget up from its main hinge, remove the sharp blades (very easy)...

...and tip the chopped shards of garlic straight into your pan.
Any residue inside is easily scraped out with a knife.


The three main benefits I've found are;

1. The garlic is chopped rather than pressed-so more texture, drier, and makes a nice change from crushed, wet garlic.

2. It's much easier to clear the garlic out of the device and there's no wasted 'pulp' that always seems to get stuck in all the holes in a garlic press.

3. The whole device can be rinsed quickly under the tap, then is totally dishwasher-proof.


Apart from that, it's just a really fun kitchen tool...I think I'm going to give mine a name! Herbie?


Herbie rides again!


Anna's kitchen table 15 September 2012 at 13:10

Oh, I like that! Herbie's a great name! :))

Janey 15 September 2012 at 15:49

Haha! Thanks Anna-couldn't resist it! -Or the name-giving! x

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