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SMASH & GRAB : 'Cheese-on-Toast'

I had a lovely RECIPE post planned for you today, but I'm having a few technical problems with my photos, so thought I'd show you this really easy 'SMASH & GRAB' idea instead.
Sometimes, the simplest foods are just what we need. I often have this for breakfast and it is so filling and delicious. 
I use 2 slices of wholegrain toast. The bread I use is 6pp for two slices, but please calculate your own propoints depending on your chosen bread. One pot of Extra Light Philadelphia is 1pp. 

Just adding the halved cherry tomatoes and torn basil leaves makes this such a tasty and interesting snack...the creamy Philadelphia and the garden-fresh tang of the tomatoes work as a great team. Just finish with a grind of black pepper-wow!


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