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CUPBOARD LOVE : Belazu Balsamic Pearls

 Wowee! I love exciting new ingredients!
When I find a food I've never seen before, it's a bit like discovering that a new colour suddenly exists. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes a product to whet your appetite and make your head spin!


These Balsamic Pearls are scientific little balls of vinegar and look exactly like caviar. At £4.99 for a small 55g pot they seem expensive, but go a long way and are a wonderful treat for a special occasion. You could probably divide this little pot over 20-30 canapés or 10-15 main courses, as you only need so few to liven up a dish.
I bought these in Waitrose.

Once opened, they stay fresh for 10 days in the fridge and you have a dinky glass lidded storage jar to keep afterwards...

They are perfect for little canapés, salads, dotted onto smoked salmon...or if you are more adventurous, sprinkled on strawberries!
They 'pop' on your tongue just like caviar, releasing a beautiful, balsamic buzz. As they are basically vinegar and you eat such a small amount, the pro points/calories are negligible.
They are also gluten free and suitable for vegans, so at last, vegetarians can have a 'caviar' experience!


Belazu-you are so clever!


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