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CUPBOARD LOVE : M & S Count On Us Range

I need you all to know that, although I'm totally obsessed with food, creating my own delicious dishes and blogging about it, I'm not infallible! Sometimes I'm completely exhausted at the end of a day or just don't feel like occasionally I use ready meals to make my life easier!

I think M & S have really cracked it - their meals are imaginative, tasty, not outrageous on the salt-front and, best of all, they have the Weight Watchers Propoint values on them so you don't even need to use your brain to work them out!

M & S state very clearly that the Propoints are calculated by them for informational purposes only and that they are not endorsed by Weight Watchers...but I have checked all the products I use and they are spot on with their calculations.


If you feel the need to make the dishes look 'home-made', or want a larger portion, you could serve the salads like I have done above, in a large cabbage or lettuce leaf.
You could also chop some extra fresh spring onion into the risottos, or serve them on a large bed of wilted spinach to pad them out a bit. They really are delicious and although a little more expensive than some of the other supermarket pre-prepared meals, they are far superior.
You can often find them on a "3 for 2" deal which makes them much more reasonable.


No-guilt, put-your-feet-up cooking!


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