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CUPBOARD LOVE : Low Fat Feta Cheese

During the Summer months, I always keep a packet of low fat feta cheese in the fridge. I've noticed that a couple of the brands I use call their product 'Greek Salad Cheese' and I wonder if it's because, once 50% of the fat has been removed from it, maybe it can't be classed as 'Feta' any more!
OK, it doesn't have the crumbly, creamy texture of pure Feta, but it has a pretty good attempt at replicating this glorious food...and that's good enough for me!


I often ask my husband if there is any food he really misses now that we eat this way- and I have to say that the new, svelte, healthy versions of ourselves agree that no food can outweigh this feeling of well-being we now possess.
It's not much of a compromise to make and the addition of this clever little salad cheese to a watermelon, red onion, mint and lime juice salad, or a traditional Greek salad hits the spot in my book!


A quarter of this block is a 50g serving and contains 2pp/80kcal.



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