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SOMETHING FOR NOTHING : Melon 'Bowls' with Blueberries

It's easy to pick up a piece of fruit without thinking, a few chomps whilst doing something else, and all of a sudden, it's gone. We hardly even notice we've eaten it.


Even though all fruits are zero propoints on the Weight Watchers plan, it's a good idea to try and stay mindful of how much fruit we are eating and, indeed, how we actually eat it. I make a large bowl of mixed fruit salad as a dessert pretty much every evening. For me, the ritual of preparing the fruit makes it so much more enjoyable to eat because of the effort I've put in.
If I've eaten a banana during the day, I wouldn't add another one to my fruit salad that day, as I know they are really high in fruit sugars.


The dish above makes a lovely light breakfast, dessert or snack in-between meals. Because it takes a couple of minutes to prepare and it looks so pretty, it's easier to treat it with the respect it deserves....cut, scoop out the seeds, fill with blueberries, garnish with mint, admire, sit down and eat it consciously!
By leaving the melon in its skin, it takes longer to scoop out and eat and is therefore more filling, because we have to work that little bit harder to retrieve the fruit.
I also love popping out into my garden to pick a fresh sprig of mint to garnish the top, inhale the herby fragrance and be with nature for a few seconds.
It's just about 'stopping to smell the roses' sometimes and appreciate the simple things in life.


Basic stuff but well worth thinking about.


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