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SMASH & GRAB : Crumpets with Peanut Butter

When I first started Weight Watchers, I never imagined that I would still be able to eat one of my favourite breakfasts - hot toasted crumpets with peanut butter....but on this plan, anything is possible!


The trick is to be vigilant with the ingredients you buy. These are thin crumpets from Sainsbury's - eight to a pack, and work out to 2pp/95kcal each. There are so many different brands and types of crumpets so it's important to check the propoint values on the pack you buy. These ones are great because 2 crumpets are still 4pp - they don't 'round-up' to 5pp for two, which is sometimes the case.

My second little nifty plan is that I only ever buy reduced fat peanut butter, so a 20g portion (plenty for two crumpets) is 3pp/109kcal.
- guessing is NO substitute for weighing!


So, a delicious, comforting breakfast of 2 hot toasted crumpets with a generous dollop of rich, melting peanut butter for 7pp/approx 300kcal...without feeling like you are missing out on anything.



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