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SMASH & GRAB : 1 Minute Warm Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Those of us with a sweet tooth and a love of food who are trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy one, know how difficult it can be to give up chocolate!
I have found that I have much more success by allowing myself the foods I love by building them into my daily eating plan. Then I never feel deprived of any food type.
The way I eat now is all about what I CAN have, rather than what I CAN'T!


The whole way along my weight loss journey and throughout the ongoing and permanent management of that weight loss, I have probably eaten some chocolate every day. I do track absolutely everything I eat though, even after over a year of maintenance, and will continue to do so for ever. Then I know I can not lose control of my intake of food. Tracking is now part of my daily routine. Ironically, this discipline puts ME back in control of what I eat and has restored my love and joy of food, but in a structured way.


This little recipe is fantastic and literally takes 1 minute to make. It gives you the chocolate 'fix' you are looking for, for only 1 propoint/approx.49kcal!


If you generally don't like Chocolate Philadelphia, please don't be put off by seeing it in this recipe. By the time the sauce is complete, you wouldn't know it was the main ingredient!


How To Make:(Per Serving)

 Take one mini 30g pot Chocolate Philadelphia.

Put half the pot into a small ramekin dish.

In another ramekin, accurately measure 1/2 a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

Add a little boiled water to the cocoa powder from the kettle and stir until dissolved.

Add the cocoa mixture to the chocolate Philadelphia and mix until smooth and blended. Add a little more boiled water until it is a dipping consistency. The sauce needs to be able to coat a piece of fruit without being too runny, but is probably half the thickness of the original Philadelphia.
Pop into a clean, small 'dipping' sauce pot.

This is a rich, smooth luxurious dip with a deep chocolate flavour and velvety texture. Serve with a delicious selection of fresh fruit. If you want it to feel even more decadent, zap in the microwave for 10 seconds just before you eat it. There is something about the combination of warm chocolate and cold fruit that is toe-curlingly luscious!




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