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HOLIDAY HOT TIPS : The Infamous Buffet

So....before I launch back into some yummy new recipes and my usual tips and tricks, I thought I would share with you the methods I used to manage my food and weight before, during and after my recent 7 day holiday.
This post is very 'Weight Watchers-based' so forgive me, any of you calorie-counters or other slimming clubs peeps out there....but I feel sure you will catch my drift and be able to adapt some of my tips to suit whichever style of weight management you follow.


I had plenty of notice that I was going on holiday. I booked it back in March or April, so  it was no surprise that I would want to look my best for the beach in July.
As you know, I'm maintaining my 62lb weight loss now, and have been for some time.
I usually eat 27-28 daily propoints on maintenance, and ALL of my weekly 49 extras.

I also track religiously-it's now a habit I will use for ever, as I find it very difficult to gauge my natural 'full-up' feeling and, being naturally greedy, tracking is my 'security blanket'-it tells me when to STOP! I track using the Weight Watchers iphone app which uses an internet connection, I had to have a few strategies up my sleeve as I couldn't guarantee a reliable connection while away, so knew I probably wouldn't be able to track.

Also, I wanted to enjoy myself and my food on holiday and not be too obsessed about it....but without going totally crazy, undoing all my good work, and falling off the proverbial band-wagon!



Even though I was at a good maintenance weight, I put myself onto 26 daily propoints, (plus ALL my Weekly 49 Extras), for 2 weeks BEFORE my holiday.
This ensured that I was at my optimum low weight and felt as confident as I will ever feel in my swimwear!



We booked a holiday on a half-board basis. The breakfast and the evening meals were always a vast and beautiful buffet....plenty to tempt but also loads of filling and healthy zero propointed foods too!


So, this is what I did....

I put my propoints allowance up to 35 Dailies for maintenance, PLUS my 49 weeklies.
By dividing my weeklies into 7 extra per day, this gave me a DAILY total of 42 propoints to work with on holiday.

As I could only 'guesstimate', I roughly allowed myself 15 propoints for breakfast, 12 for lunch and 15 for dinner, but I was flexible and if I really fancied a pizza, cappuccino or an ice-cream occasionally, I had it-just not EVERY day.

I'm sure some days I went well over the allowance I'd set.



I ate 3 courses each evening. For the first course, I took a large plate and filled it with as many zero-propointed salad veggies as I could-before I even looked at all the amazing dishes on offer. I dressed the salad with Balsamic vinegar. Then, I would add small
portions of some of the higher-pointed ingredients such as guacamole, coleslaw and tortillas. If there were fried foods, I'd just take a little taster here and there. The salad took quite a while to eat and was really filling.

For the second course, I always took a small plate (like a side plate) and had a good look around for the food I really wanted instead of falling into the buffet trap of 'a little bit of everything'.
Sometimes I would have a small pasta with Bolognese, or Pesto sauce. The photo above is chili con carne.

Finally, for the dessert course, I would fill my plate with fresh fruit before I even looked at all the amazing cakes and desserts on offer...Then, again, I would select carefully and often ended up with a small scoop of chocolate ice cream and some chocolate drops. The photo shows that on this particular evening, there was a chocolate fountain, so I took a couple of pieces of cake and fruit and dipped them in.
It gave me the treat and the chocolate 'fix' I was looking for.


I wasn't a saint but I tried to stay mindful of what I was eating and I built in lots of treats and really enjoyed my food.
I'm not a drinker,
so that aspect was easy for me.
We also took some long brisk walks across the sand dunes where we were staying which was great for burning off some of those treats!


On my return, I'd gained 3 pounds, so I've gone straight back onto 26 dailies to 'knock it on the head' and it's already shifting after a couple of days...

These are the sunshine holiday-inspired brekkies I've been eating since my return..


So...for all of you going away or eating out at home, remember to enjoy yourselves but always be mindful of all that hard work you have put in to your weight loss...make wise choices where you can and build in some treats so you don't feel like you are missing out....and if all goes 'belly-up', remember Slice-of-Slim is ready and waiting for you to help you get back on track!



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