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I've been watching Gok Wan's new cookery programme with delight. I love some of his recipes and may invent some Gok-inspired dishes of my own at some stage. It's so refreshing to see someone using healthy cooking techniques such as stir-frying, steaming and braising.


One of the kitchen tools Gok swears by is the cleaver. I have to say that, until I saw him use one, I had a bad association with horror films and assumed that an efficient cleaver would be really expensive and difficult to handle.

I've been proved wrong on all counts! This cleaver was £7 from Morrissons. It has become my favourite kitchen cutting implement. Tonight alone I have used it to finely peel a butternut squash, chop it into 'chips', tenderize some beef and crush garlic (using the side of the blade), scoop up diced vegetables into a pan and prepare a delicate fruit salad...Peeling and chopping a pineapple has never been so easy!
It is truely amazing and not at all scary!


If you do buy one, it's a good idea to keep the packaging as it is a useful protecting sleeve to slip the cleaver into for storing,
keeping it hygienic and you safe.


Food prep has never been this much fun!


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