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CUPBOARD LOVE : Nando's Marinade/Sauce

Since I started the Weight Watchers plan, Nando's has become one of my favourite places to eat out. The restaurants are Portuguese and specialize in flame-grilled chicken. The food is really fresh and simple but very tasty and low-fat if you make wise choices.
It's one of my 'safe' restaurants as it features in the Weight Watchers EAT OUT Guide, so there is absolutely no guesswork involved. This reduces the stress of socialising so much!


They make a range of sauces and marinades which are available to buy in the restaurants or in most supermarkets. They are a great product to keep in the larder when you want to recreate the Nando's experience at home.
One tablespoon is 0pp/15kcal and that is all you need for one chicken breast.
You can marinade in advance if you have the time, or slosh it on the chicken just before you sling it in the griddle pan.


The sauces/marinades are Peri-Peri based. You can buy them in varying strengths according to personal preference from mild to HOT!! They are absolutely delicious and have no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or any added MSG.
That makes them a CUPBOARD-LOVE must-have in my book!


I'll be featuring my 'Home-made Nando's' on the blog in the next few weeks.


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