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SMASH & GRAB : Houmous-Filled Mushroom Dipping Cups

I take real pleasure in utilising the natural shapes of some ingredients in order to use them as a carrying device for other foods. Mushrooms are such perfect little cup-shapes, they are just asking to be filled with something delicious!
This may sound like a strange combo to you, but this is one of my super-snack inventions, and I would say...
"Don't knock it 'till you've tried it!"


It's one of those 5 0'clock pick-me-ups that is nutritious, filling and a great stop-gap between meals. The raw mushrooms have an earthy 'meatiness', a soft, snappy texture and act as a bland carrier for the delicious low-fat houmous.
At 3pp/approx 150kcal you can't really go wrong!


Pick 5 really perfect, very fresh mushrooms. I like the large ones - about 5cms across. Wash and dry them thoroughly, then 'snap' the stalks off. I find a gentle but assertive push from the side takes them off right from the inside. Keep the stalks.

Use 60g low-fat houmous (or one of these little pre-measured pots...don't be deceived, the packaging gives you nutritional content for 30g, but they are 60g pots).

Fill each mushroom with a generous dollop of houmous.

Decorate with a garnish of your choice. I used a small basil leaf tucked into each mushroom cup and a generous sprinkling of sumac.
(See post; CUPBOARD LOVE:Sumac)

Finally, pop the stalks back into their
original place. They are fun to dip into the houmous before devouring the rest of the mushroom.


Happy Dipping!


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