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USEFUL STUFF : Mandolin Slicer

This is not an essential piece of kitchen equipment, but one I have recently started experimenting with. It's great for slicing fruits and vegetables into even, thin, whole slices.
Once you 'get the knack' of it, it's very fast and efficient, although a little scary for a klutz like me!

 Mine came as part of another gadget I bought which turned out to be a bit disappointing....but I love the mandolin! I've been having great fun in my kitchen creating some sweet and savoury dishes with this....so you may want to have one ready and waiting, or wait and see if I inspire you enough to invest in one... 


I've done a little research and the cheapest plastic mandolins are all around £11 or £12.....so I realise it may be a little indulgent to just go out and buy one...but I think, once you see the results, you may wish to purchase one. Argos, Lakeland and Amazon all seem to have a good selection.
Please make sure yours comes with the little safety holder like mine as you don't want any nasty accidents....


I'll be sharing my ideas with you shortly.
I am one happy and excited Slicer-of-Slim!


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