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USEFUL STUFF : Apple Corer

This is not the most exciting of kitchen tools and certainly not something I use every day, but really useful when you want whole slices of apple or pear for a recipe as it's a really neat and tidy way to dispose of the core and pips.
The corer is also wonderful for quick, neat fruit preparation for pies, crumbles or
fruit salads.
You literally push the serrated edge through the fruit and the core is removed
in one fell swoop!

I used mine for an exciting little recipe I have coming up in the next week or so which requires very thin, whole slices of fruit. It would make the preparation much easier for this dish if you possess both an apple corer and a mandolin, so I thought I would give you a little advance warning because once you see these little low-fat delicacies you are going to want to make them immediately!



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