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UPDATE!: Birthday Version of Whimsical Woodland Wedding Cake!

I've added this update to my INSPIRATION:Whimsical Wedding Cake Post, but wanted make sure you didn't miss it!

Here's a birthday 'cake' version I made for my Dad. His favourite treat is Turkish Delight, so I dipped cubes of it in plain chocolate, then sprayed them with edible gold shimmer spray, along with my signature dipped fruits and brownies.

This shimmer spray is really effective and edible-no safety issues!

This is the finished cake with tiny bunting and little elongated flags...

Here's a close up of all the goodies...


Alongside the regular chocolate-covered brownies, I also made some out of Weightwatchers Belgian Chocolate Slices.

I cut each cake in half and coated them in white chocolate. They worked out to 2pp/80kcal each rather than the regular brownies which are 3pp/120kcal. They looked exactly the same.

I 'coded' the Weightwatchers version with 2 pink hearts, so that those of us watching our weight could discreetly pick the lower propoint/calorie option.

I also made the 'cake' personal to my Dad, with customised flags containing little messages for him to keep after the 'cake' had been devoured and we had all gone home.


Bradders 7 May 2012 at 19:49

Your Dad must be a very lovely (& lucky) guy, for you to make him such a fantastic, original and personalised Birthday cake. I bet the Turkish delights tasted great! Well done Janey, I am 100% sure that all your efforts were appreciated.

Janey 10 May 2012 at 00:30

My Dad is very lovely, a chief follower and supporter of this blog, and appreciated every mouthful of his whacky 'cake'!! x

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