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SMASH & GRAB : Cheese & Biscuits

On a weight loss plan you would expect cheese and biscuits to be off the agenda, but this is a delicious savoury snack for only 3pp/approx.135kcal.

The plate above has 3 of my favourite crackers (Ryvita Thins-the sweet chilli variety) for 2pp/93kcal, and a mini pot of Extra-Light Philadelphia for 1pp/38kcal. The sliced tomatoes and basil enhance the flavour, give it more 'bite' and make it a filling little snack.

Here's another cute one using 2 Weight Watcher's Cheese biscuits for 1pp/37kcal and a traditional Ryvita for 1pp/35kcal plus the extra light Philadelphia for 1pp/38kcal. The little tomatoes left on the vine are an attractive, tasty and filling addition to the plate.


I could just come into the kitchen and literally 'grab' those same ingredients, scoff them, and that snack is gone in a flash. For a couple of extra minutes arranging my plate, I have the anticipation of a delicious and beautiful savoury nibble and I've taken care to prepare it. It also helps me to eat consciously and be truly aware of everything I am eating.

I always think of making food presentable and attractive for other people, but I have found that if I really put thought into everything I eat and take better care when preparing it for myself, everything tastes better. Then, it's an even more enjoyable experience.


This in turn, reminds me to take good care of myself and be my own best friend - one who is far less likely to sabotage my weight loss or maintenance efforts.


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