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SMASH & GRAB : 1 Minute Chocolate & Fruit Dessert

Here is the simplest, quickest dessert on the planet! It helps if you have some fun dishes- these are funky plastic ones from Sainsbury's with matching little icecream-style spoons.


For each portion you make, take a 170g pot of 0% Fat TOTAL Greek Yoghurt.
Peel off the lid and add 1 sachet Highlights or Weightwatchers drinking chocolate.
Stir well before putting into an individual serving dish.
Decorate with fresh fruit.


If you have time, freeze for 1 hour- no longer as it will crystallize, otherwise enjoy as soon as you've made it for a creamy, delicious and filling dessert or snack.

Try other varieties- this has pureed raspberries mixed with some granular sweetener. It's only 2pp/160kcal.
You could make a mashed banana or blitzed strawberries version - or combine both!


If you have a Propoint to spare, drizzle 8g  melted chocolate on the top for an extra 1pp/40kcal.


Dessert Heaven without any guilt!


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