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RECIPE : Weight Watchers' Watermelon, Feta & Mint Salad

I'm going to be totally honest with you (as always!) and will admit that this is not my recipe....its from a wonderful old Weight Watchers book called 'Simply Enjoy'.

You can see how much I like this book by all my little bookmarks for my favourite recipes! The recipe for this salad is on p74. It's literally watermelon, red onion, low-fat feta (30g per portion), lime juice, mint leaves and black pepper.
It's 2sp/2pp/approx.100kcal per portion
and one of the most refreshing and delicious salads I've ever tasted. I could live on it in the Summer....the  zingy lime and the creamy feta combined with the juicy crunch of watermelon, red onion and fragrant mint is incredible....I really wish I had invented it!


The reason for this post is to show you how I present it - especially for eating a natural watermelon bowl that goes in the dustbin afterwards - so, no washing up...what could be better than that? With sunshine so precious, who wouldn't opt for more time in the garden!


How to make the Watermelon Bowls

Slice each end off the watermelon to give each 'bowl' a flat base. If you want to be extra 'arty', cut the tops of each 'bowl' at a slight angle.

Cut as much of the fruit as you can out of the melon, then cube it for the salad.

Scoop out any remaining melon with a spoon so that you are left with two clean bowl shapes.

Combine all of the salad ingredients apart from the feta into a large bowl. Mix gently.

Take the watermelon 'bowls' and slice alternate random stripes into the outside edge using a vegetable peeler. Slice around the top to form a bevelled edge. Don't worry if it's uneven, it looks more organic. They remind me of ceramic, glazed bowls.

Fill each 'bowl' carefully with the salad, then add the weighed, cubed cheese. This way it's easier to be accurate with your portions. Top with a sprig of fresh mint.

 A quarter of this block of very low fat Greek salad cheese is 2sp/2pp/80kcal.

Finally, eat 'al fresco' and enjoy.


A literal 'bowl' of fruit!


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