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BONUS JUBILEE POST!: Red, White and 'Blue' Pickled Vegetables

Following on from last weeks' post (RECIPE:Pickled Vegetables served with Chargrilled Beef and Creamy Vegetables)
I had a thought that this dish could translate beautifully into patriotic colours! As the other Jubilee ideas I had are both sweet, I thought I would do a quick post to show you this savoury idea. Although the cabbage is purple, it kind of works! I've used red pepper, tomatoes, shallots, cauliflower and red cabbage, along with exactly the same spices and vinegar that feature in the original recipe.

I put a couple of sprigs of rosemary in this version.

After a day of marinating, the vinegar draws some of the colour out of the red cabbage, so the pickling brine turns a vibrant red.....I think this would look great on the table and would makes a delicious accompaniment to cold meats etc. It's very quick to prepare, and an effective and attractive dish to contribute to a street party.

The veggies do hold their colour-even though the cabbage fades a little, so you could serve it in exactly the same way as I suggested, with roast or chargrilled beef for a modern, Summer alternative to a traditional roast.


If you prefer, you could make a salad with these vegetables- then the colours will stay more vibrant red, white and 'blue' themed.


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