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USEFUL STUFF : Great Spoons!

It's so important to have utensils you're going to love using in your kitchen. I've used wooden spoons for years, but they need replacing fairly regularly, and they do absorb certain colours and flavours from foods.
I've just invested in some of these colourful silicone spoons. They are a little more expensive than regular ones, but I know they are going to have a long life, and they also wash beautifully and hygienically in the dish-washer.
I just love using them because they are so bright and funky, and make me feel happy as soon as I open the drawer.

The little spatular-ended one is great for making pastes such as garlic, soy sauce and herbs. (Often the start for soups or sauces). It just has the right amount of 'bendiness' in it and has become one of my most favourite utensils.


Think of cooking healthily in the same way as joining a gym. Part of the fun, I believe, is choosing the trainers and the training 'kit'. (By the way, I'm not a gym-goer, I walk!)....But what I'm trying to say is, if you spend a little time organising your kitchen, by equipping it with useful and fun tools which are going to help you prepare healthy, low-fat dishes more easily and successfully, you are going to enjoy the whole food-prep business so much more.
You'll be much more inclined to keep coming back and repeating the process.


The only problem you might have now, is which colours to choose!


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