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STOP PRESS!!!!!!! : Edible Glitter

You may have noticed a couple of my recipes have used 'edible' glitter
in the past few weeks.

This is the brand that I used, but it seems that the 'Rainbow Dust' brand is more readily available.

Ironically, just as I started to recommend it, there seems to be some controversy surrounding the use of it in terms of consumption. This was sparked by a contestant on the BBC TV programme; 'The Great British Bake-Off' who used it in one of her recipes.
I've done some research and here is a statement by one of the companies who supply this 'Rainbow Dust' brand;

The Sparkle Range:
IMPORTANT UPDATE . . .  latest information from Environmental Health is that the Sparkle Range should really only be used on items which are being removed from the cake.  The consensus has always been that (as the product is specifically designed for use with cakes) if the glitter finds its way on to icing etc and is eaten then it will not cause any harm.  Environmental Health have asked the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for more research on these products and to clarify the position, so we do not recommend "intentional" use . . . eg sprinkled on cupcakes . . . even although you'll see Kirsty Allsop, The Hairy Bakers, Nigella Lawson and just about every other TV chef doing exactly that on their Christmas specials!?!?!
There is no reason to suspect that the products are unsafe but there is now a call for much more detailed information.  As with many things . . . eating large amounts is not advisable, but ingesting small amounts is safe . . . we just have to be clear about whether or not we are seen to advise customers to sprinkle these on to cakes as if they were classed as "edible" .  We've not changed our position, but we want to be clearer.  We hope you'll understand. cause for alarm if you have eaten it. It is non-toxic, but the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will be tightening up procedures and information on packaging etc.
There are other products, such as 'Edible Silk' lustres etc. but to be on the safe side, I would stop using any of these products for the time being. I will keep you all informed of any further updates and information from the FSA.


What a sparkly shame.



If you are looking for a gold or silver shimmery finish on your dishes, this spray is fantastic. It is edible and there don't seem to be any issues with it. It's available with baking goods in all the major supermarkets. Don't put it on before baking, spray lightly onto finished items.
Make sure you protect your surfaces as it gets everywhere!


Hooray! We've got our sparkle back!


Soo 25 April 2012 at 12:24

We've been using this, will take your advice and put on hold for the time being. Thank you for the info.

Janey 25 April 2012 at 14:16

You're welcome....I'll keep you posted or find an alternative x

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