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SMASH & GRAB : Fruit Salad with Lemon Yoghurt 'dip'

Every evening, I make a huge bowl of fruit salad - its such a filling dessert and we just prefer to eat fruit in this way. If you spend a little time preparing fruit, it feels more like a treat, and it's an easy way to consume a good portion of tasty fibre and vitamins!
I always use a delicious combination of fruits - mostly; pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, green and red grapes, banana and pomegranate. Sometimes I add mango or papaya, or some melon.
Although it's 'just' fruit salad, I will put this in my RECIPES section sometime, as I truely believe the combination of fruits you use in a fruit salad can take it from an ordinary dish to something pretty special.


I usually have some fruit salad left in the fridge and it's a great stand-by when you are feeling stuck for ideas.
This 'SMASH & GRAB' is great for those times of the day when you don't have much of your propoint or calorie allowance left, but fancy something sweet, delicious and filling. This comes to 2 propoints. (If you count calories it's approx 150kcal, depending on the type and amount of fruit you use).


I try to leave the fruit salad out of the fridge for at least an hour before serving, as the flavours are so much more defined if it's not too cold. 

Put a generous portion of fruit salad into a serving bowl. Dollop half a pot of Weightwatchers lemon yoghurt from their 'Dessert Recipe' range on the top. They are 1pp/approx.60kcal each. They are all equally delicious, but for me, the combination of the lemon, with the fruit and some plain chocolate is dreamy!

Break 4g plain chocolate into small pieces over the top of the yoghurt.
Although this seems an expensive way to buy chocolate, I love these 'Conversations' by Green & Blacks because they are 4g each and you can have two for 1 propoint (40kcal). They are pre-weighed for you and it's easier to resist the temptation of breaking an extra square of chocolate off when you are weighing it!
By using half the yoghurt and only one chocolate in this dish, it means you can have the other half of the yoghurt and the other chocolate with a cup of coffee later in the day - and because you've already 'charged' for them, it feels like a free treat!

Finally, pop some whole juicy strawberries around the dish to pick up in your fingers and dip into the yoghurt and chocolate before you devour the rest of the fruit salad. I don't know why, but it all feels a bit decadent eaten this way and somehow that just adds to the whole eating experience!


A happy little snack.


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