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RECIPE : Egg & Onion

This is a simple little dish I grew up with. Traditionally, it's made with whole, hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise and spring onion, and served like a té on crackers or toast. It's an absolutely delicious snack or light meal. This is a magic Slice-of-Slim version, as I have dramatically reduced the propoint/calorie content. I've done this by removing the egg yolk from the recipe and using a very low-fat mayonnaise. This makes a lighter, fresher version of the original dish, without the sulphuric 'eggy' smell that often accompanies egg-mayo type dishes. I rather like the clean, white appearance of it too.


This dish is 3 propoints/184kcal for the WHOLE amount, or 2pp/92kcal per portion. 
If you want to leave out the onions, this simply becomes a super-low propoint/calorie egg mayonnaise.


You will need;(for 2 servings)
8 egg whites or 16 tablespoons '2 chicks' liquid egg white.
(See post; CUPBOARD LOVE:Liquid Egg white
3 Tablespoons Lighter than Light Mayonnaise
3-4 Spring onions
White pepper
Freshly ground black pepper


Start by placing the egg white into a microwaveable bowl. Don't whisk or disturb the egg too much as you want to achieve a nice smooth 'hard-boiled' egg finish to the cooked egg white.

Season to taste with white and black pepper.(I like it quite peppery). Don't mix it in-it will all be combined, once cooked.

Cook on high in the microwave in 20 second bursts, checking the egg each time. You can see it starts to turn a solid white from the outside edge, inwards.

Keep checking, and don't be tempted to stir it. It will cook through if you take it slowly. What you are looking for is that 'sliceable' hard-boiled egg appearance.

Here's the finished result-it's gone from a pale yellow translucent liquid, to a solid white form.

Add the mayonnaise, then 'mash' gently with a fork to break up the egg but leave some texture. Chop the spring onions into the mixture. (I do this with scissors and leave it quite chunky).

Mix together well, weigh and divide the mixture into 2 ramekin dishes and leave to cool.

This is best served at room temperature, so even if you are going to refrigerate it, take it out half an hour or so before you eat it.



Make a stack of baked, square 'crackers' out of a Warburtons Squarish Wrap in exactly the same way I describe in the post SMASH & GRAB:Quick Homemade 'Grissini'.
One wrap will make 20 square crackers, which is plenty between two people. This is 4pp/159kcal for the WHOLE lot, or 2pp/80kcal per portion.


 So... a really delicious lunch or snack for only 4pp/approx 172 kcal if you have both components. If you were really hungry, you could eat the whole lot for 7pp/343kcal!
You could serve it with a light salad, or even use baby gem lettuce instead of the crackers if you are low on propoints or calories.





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