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CUPBOARD LOVE : Liquid Egg White

You may have noticed that I mentioned this briefly during my RECIPE:Easter'Egg' post last week. I talked about it in the context of meringues, but it is a great little product, especially for those of us watching our weight.
You will find this in the chilled section of the supermarket. It's a fresh product, so has to be kept chilled and eaten within seven days of opening.


Obviously, it's the yolk in eggs that provide the rich cholesterol-laden calories and I do love an egg occasionally, but this gives so much scope to recipes without wasting the yolks from separated eggs.


As it says on the packaging; "Liquid egg white can be used in place of whole eggs in almost every dish". I haven't experimented fully yet, but will try some recipes, and show you how they turn out.

From a low-fat point of view, this is a magical little product. You basically use 3 tablespoons if you want the equivalent to 1 whole egg, and 2 tablespoons for 1 egg white.
On the Weightwatchers plan, one eggwhite is 0pp, two are 1pp. You can have up to 5 egg whites for 1pp.
The packaging informs me that a 3 tablespoon serving of liquid egg white is 23 kcal.

You can also use it to 'pad out' one whole egg, making it go further, particularly useful for scrambled eggs.


So....imagine the omelettes, souffles, egg custards and batters you could create with this product. I've used it for a Spanish omelette before - beaten, seasoned and poured over peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes fried in Frylight oil. You just have to accept that the finished dish is white, instead of the usual yellow colour we are used to, but the flavour is hardly compromised and therefore nor are your weight loss or maintenance efforts!


Very good eggs.


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